Osteologix SA (Pty) Ltd is an orthopedic company specializing in complete orthopedic solutions and products. Our founder, Dheresh Sewram, is an orthopedic product specialist with 15 years experience in orthopedics. Our business model is providing surgeons with world class innovative solutions to treat trauma-related procedures. We are passionate about helping our patients do what they love by restoring mobility. This together with a passionate, energetic and well-trained sales-force equipped with advanced product knowledge offering,  makes us a diversified medical device company.


Our philosophy is to deliver superior and cost-effective orthopaedic products throughout South Africa and Africa providing 24-hour service delivery to all private and government medical institutes. We want to be the automatic supplier of first choice to all our clients by providing them with peace of mind and service excellence. Our mission is extending our business to all provinces in South Africa and Africa with head office in Durban (KZN) and eventually branching out to the international markets, with only the finest sales force and innovative orthopaedic product portfolio.


With a strong desire to deliver and increase patient mobility, our company focuses on innovation, quality, and superior cost-effective products and services. We are associated with only the best expertise in the field of orthopaedics who are passionate and dedicated to providing superior services at all times to our surgeons and hospital institutes. We know expansion comes only from investment which we have vested interest in keeping our team with constant skills and training programmes. Our goal is to constantly provide world class academic and product training to all our surgeons. 


Our company devices are eliminating the need for conventional methods (plaster cast or skeletal traction) and allow the patient undergoing surgery to return to day-to-day life tasks, by avoiding any surgical complications with minimally invasive applications. Our business will provide superior service delivery as per interventions to our clients, hospitals, support services, and leadership. We know growth comes only through investment in professional training and feedback. Our company will provide personalised automated communication to all our clients. 

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Medical Device Code Of Ethical Marketing And Business Practice 

Purpose of the Code

The fundamental purpose of the Code is to promote and encourage among SAMED Members, ethical principles and practices in their marketing and business interactions with customers. The Code is binding on all SAMED Members and is a condition for new and ongoing membership

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